A Girl In Time

Posted on April 1, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, an essay entitled Date a Girl Who Reads ran around the internet and found its way on several wall posts on Facebook. Someone asked me how I felt about it and I replied “It’s okay. Now take off those panties.”

Anyway, I thought about what kind of girl would be good to date.

And I realized,

perhaps it would be good

to date a girl

with good timing.

A girl with good timing knows what to do or what to say when. Which means she’s probably already done and said a lot of things to know which ones she should keep on doing and saying. Which means she knows what she likes. And what she wants. What makes her feel good. What makes her smile. What makes her laugh.

If she understands what makes her laugh, she knows the value of a joke. A girl with good timing can tell a joke properly. Which means she understands the power of the punch line. Which means she has a sense of humor. Which means she listens.  Because she knows when to talk. And when to keep quiet. Which means she’s smart. Which means she reads. Which means she understands the value of knowing stuff. Which means she asks questions. Which gives her answers. So she knows what to do, or what to say when.

A girl with good timing moves accordingly. Which means she can move to a beat. Which means she responds to music. Which means she can dance. Which means she can seduce. Which means she can affect you from a distance. With desire. With love. With hate. With intellect. With a smile. With a frown. Without looking your way. Without a single word. With a drink in her hand. With food in her mouth. And in her belly. A girl with good timing knows that she has to eat at certain times of the day. Because she is human. She is not stupid. She has to eat. So her organs can function. So she can be healthy. So she can grow. And live a long, beautiful life with you.

Yeah. Date a girl with good timing.

She’ll know what to do with you when the time is right.

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