Biglaang Promotismo!

Posted on June 27, 2010


Go to the Facebook page for Girl Trouble here, click on the obligatory Like button, then submit a few lines for the box that says “Write Something About Girl Trouble”. Demonstrate your katalentaduhan and post your entry on the page’s wall. If your description gets picked, you get a free copy of the book. Or a massage (that may or may not necessarily come from the author). I’ll pick a couple I like. Maybe 5. Deadline is end of July 2010.

Oh and after some discussions with mga taong nakakaalam, maybe it’s best I try to post an example. Like, it could be as random as “For the emotional tae in you” or “Basaging Basahin para sa mga Lasinungaling“. In other words, just let it fly. Lalo na ikaw diyan, masyado kang matanong. Hm-um. Ikaw.

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