CrushVote 2010

Posted on May 9, 2010


Who’s your CrushVote? Vote not for the lesser evil, but for the cuter one!

It’s the most important, if not the hottest decision you’ll ever make! Seriously. I listed my top 5. They’re right here. You know this. Yes, you do.

CrushVote No. 1: Arlene De Guzman

Three things: a killer smile, a green-to-white gradient background (YES!) and a gadeym sunflower. And she’s all about, like, Karunungan, Kabuhayan and Kalusugan. I bet no one else is FOR those things. I bet she’s a scientist. Vote her, she has giant sunflowers! Bigger than her head! Anyone who has that deserves to win!

CrushVote No. 2: Kring-Kring Gonzales

What. Is. Up. Tacloban. Anyone who’s attached to cinematic odysseys like Flavor of the Month, Cheeta-eh: Ganda lalake?, Ang katawan ni Sofia, Bkining Itim, Bad Boy 1 AND 2 deserves another term. If it were up to me, I’d give her 15 more.

CrushVote No. 3: Lucy Torres

Hey, it’s Lucy. Kemon. In the words of every solid Bench fan, “Sa’n ka pa.” Ormoc whatup if I had 3 votes, I’d get you four just to put her in position. Ormoc got the 2005 Most Business-Friendly City award in the Visayas by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. WIth Lucy around, you’ll get piles of recognition for like, the next 25 years. Do it.

CrushVote No. 4: Jana Ejercito

The complicated Green-White-Green rectangle that highlights her name on top of the brightest yellow ever invented instantly makes her a winner. Misspelling “through” into “thru” is a sign of hip forward-thinking. Savvy. Very Savvy.

CrushVote No. 5: Jobelle Salvador

Jobelle Salvador. Gadehmn. She was in Bagets. Hello: “Test of time”?! If you have to choose a vice, choose this VICE- Mayor. Does the “Shadow of Time” ring a bell? Does time even have a shadow? Who knows? Raymund “Tha Looch” Lauchengco would know! He set up a tent in the middle of an islet to dream her up in this clip from “Hotshots” in 1984.

Take heed, voter. Don’t be undecided, just fun-decide it.

CrushVote! Vote not for the lesser evil, but for the cuter one!

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