Nice and Nameless

Posted on January 24, 2010


Whenever there’s a bunch of people filling up the frame in a music video, I always find it interesting that in less than a second, I find one element that catches my attention.

Given of course that this video by the New Boyz is overflowing with 10’s, I have to admit that, personally, everyone else in the frame just blurs when that little fox does her skipping-dance-move thing near the end of the video.

Whatever “it” is, I think she’s got it. But that’s just me.

Yes. The pink hair grabs your eye. But look at HER eyes. Cold. Steel. When her friend gets into an accident, she just looks at the poor victim… probably telling him via telepathy to “get the hell up”. He does. And when they leave, she gives the car’s driver a glance. He gets the point.

She doesn’t even try to look nice. Maybe she thought “feh, the pink is enough.” The pink IS enough. The rest of her chose to be under-the-radar, but only because she wasn’t the video’s star. You’ll never miss her the next time you look.

Watch the videos: 30 Seconds to Mars – Kings and Queens. New Boyz – Tie Me Down.

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