Le Book Signing Ini

Posted on May 16, 2008


Hi everyone,

I’m eagerly inviting you to join me in what could either be a public demonstration of egotistical onanism or an exhibition of appreciation paralleled only by one’s unbridled yet possibly restrained humility. Ladies and gents, Visual Print Publishing is holding a book-signing event for 9 of its creators: “9-in-1 Kolektib Intelidyens” will be held on May 24, 2008 from 3 to 6PM at Kolektib, Cubao Shoe Expo.

Mingle and chat freely as sociable civilians do with the likes of Carlo Vergara (Zsazsa Zaturnnah) , Manix Abrera (Kikomachine), David Hontiveros (Takod), Freely Abrigo (Kulas), Eros Atalia (Peksman), Alan Navarra (The Old Testament According to Buddha Fantastic), Budjette Tan (Trese), Kajo Baldisimo (Trese) and Carlos Malvar (Roles).

I heard snacks will be served to assist the nutritional concerns of the guests, but I suggest you don’t skip lunch people. It’s bad. For you. There will be drinks as well. Enough to wet your lips, most likely salivating due to the o-someness of the gadem event.

Tons of VPE books will most likely be sold onsite so bring lots and lots of money. It’ll be a great meet and greet gig for all of us since I haven’t met most of the other artists din. Watch as I pale in comparison to the towering talents that will have throngs of humans piling over each other for their signatures.

Two things will happen for me: it’ll be a totally gnarlifically exciting event that will leave my right hand broken, or an extremely boring 3 hours if no one comes to have their GT book signed. But whatever happens, the first 10 females who will have their book signed by me will have a surprise kasi I will make pisil their left pisngi (sa face) sabay “Ang cuuuute mo!” as a sign of thanks.

I hope to see you there.

Should there be any changes regarding schedules and venue, please check girltrouble.wordpress.com and visprintpub.blogspot.com regularly.

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