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Posted on April 28, 2008


A Bunch Of Frequently Asked Questions about Girl Trouble!

How long did it take for your to write the book? I am always tempted to say “Oh, round about 2 days or sumfing”, but I was brought up with the idea that honesty is more important than backup underwear. Writing the bulk of the material took about six months. Beginning July 2006. When 3/4ths of it had already been put down on paper, Nadia introduced me to Nida around November and I presented the manuscript to her along with a few pegs of images of how I wanted the thing to look like. Dafort tagged along and brought a cavalry of multi-syllabic words to describe how awesome the book could be. By December, Nida gave it a go signal based on her judgement plus the thumbs-up of the VPE board of directors(?). So. I finalized the copy by February, and began laying in the images alongside all the words and stuff for the next few months until about… late June. I think. It went to press by July and come October 2007, after sixteen thousand strands of white hair, bison rage and elevated paranoia, Girl Trouble was born.

Did you make all the images yourself? Yes and No. A big chunk of the images were taken and digitally manipulated by me. But almost half of all the visuals were culled and collected from different friends of mine who at the time didn’t have any use for them anymore. I asked for their permission if I could use and make millions of pesos over their stuff and they said yes. Some of the people in the photos are great friends of mine and are there as a sort of tribute to them and the impact they have made on me as an artist and as a person in general. And also as a pervert.

What programs did you use to make the book? I used Macromedia Freehand MX and Adobe Photoshop cs to construct the monster that is GT. Put in Microsoft Word, Wordpad and Itunes as well. Sige, pati Youtube na rin. Yes, its not a program, so what huh? Huh?

Did you take a vacation to make the book? No. I would work on the book whenever I had time. Sometimes, I would stay in an internet rental shop all day just to write a few pages or sometimes I would lay out a few pages between job orders at work as a sort of creativity-jumpstarting procedure.

Did the book come out the way you wanted it to be? Yes and No. The core idea of the book was entirely different from what it is now. I am not disappointed though, but truth be told if I had let go of myself, I don’t think there would be any words in the book and it would reach up to 300 pages. So yes, I compromised.

What is your favorite part of the book? Every part where playlists are mentioned. Coming up with playlists was very exciting gid. It was very risky since I had also thought of the fact na people might not get the songs let alone the idea of why the playlists were even there in the first place. But what jolted me from time to time was the idea that if the readers were familiar with the songs presented, it would bring a whole new perspective of the story into play. I felt that since we all have certain emotions and memories attached to certain songs that we hear and listen to everyday, it would bring a whole new meaning to the reader’s journey through GT. It might be tiring for the reader, but I always believe that people are always ready to try something new with a very traditional medium. This, I believe is what makes GT a sort of a passive – interactive material. There is a general framework where the story is laid out, but there is enough room for the reader to play, that he or she may interpret the meat of the story in his or her own way.

What is your least favorite part of the book? The part where certain grammatical errors were overlooked. No one to blame but me, certainly. But hey, if Ridley Scott’s Gladiator had a scene where a guy in jeans was guiding a horse through a forest, I think my ng’s and nang’s can be allowed to interchange once in awhile.

Is the book autobiographical? No. It is based on the truly colorful lives of many of my friends and/or their friends as told to me during various alcohol-fueled conversations.

Do you plan to write another book? Yes. The next one will involve three-breasted alien goddesses.

More to come…

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