Posted on April 27, 2008


Talked to Nida the other day and found out that National Bookstore just recently sent purchase orders for their branches in Bacolod City. So maybe yous guys can check out NB’s branches at Gaisano City, SM City and Robinson’s Place after a few days.

But for now check this fucker out:

Went over to Namay’s joint: HYBRID at Robinson’s Place Bacolod and she kept on blabbing enthusiastically about some dude who customized sneaks, bags and shirts using his own designs. A day later, a frequent HYBRIDITE (HYBRIDIZEN? HYBRIDIAN) named… Pat (I think) dropped by and wore some zany sneaks that had the designs she was talking about. Turns out a guy named DOODS makes them and will gladly customize your shiznit for a price. I think it’s called DING DING ARTS(?). Visit Pat’s Multiply site here, and enjoy. Maybe you can contact her to get in touch with The Man Known As Doods Who I Think Is An Architect.

So happy for upstarts like these guys in Bacolod doing their own thang. Oh, And buy Namay’s vintage tees for girls and boys and ladies and gents. Visit her shop. You can’t miss it. She’s there all the time. She’s the only clothes shop owner within a 10 kilometer radius who wears BAPE sneakers. She is O-some.

HYBRID/ Robinsons Place Bacolod / Tel 441 3768