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Posted on April 12, 2008


Well yeah. I’ve always believed in the power of the internet and free speech (especially the latter, though when used by an idiot could very well be a weapon pointed towards himself, but let’s not dwell on that, at least no now seeing that I did use said free speech to write a book about things people normally do in the dark – whether it be in literally geographical places with the absence of light or within their mind). 

So I would like to thank the following people for informing the world of Girl Trouble, which I have to say has been doing cheerfully on the market. A fact that has been thoroughly supported by my publisher, much to many of many a non-believers’ chagrin. I really can’t give these people anything in return, since I am just a keyboard junkie slaving away in my little cubicle, barely latching on to the idea that one day I will have the option to be a Batman-esque character in real life. So I’ll just list ’em and share with them the gift of digital notoriety. 

Umm. Some of them don’t say much, but I’m just  grateful that they took the time to write about GT. Thanks!

Strangers Who’ve Shone The Light – Basically these are sites whose owners/ bloggers’ identities are people I have no idea about. I don’t fuckin’ know them. It’s just that when perennial Gatorade-cap-clicker Richard Gustilo told me to occasionally Google my name, their sites popped up week after week after week. Here they are in no particular order. They give me a nice, fuzzy, chest-thumpin’ feeling inside. – Her blog is just so damn cute and sweet I want to cuddle it and eat it at the same time. Makes me want to treat her to cake and tapioca and pineapple pie while we discus plans on killing the monsters under her bed with a wooden ruler. – Awesome thoughts, awesome tats. Plus a photo of an old man wearing chuck taylors. In church. And she heals people. – Now this guy really took the cake when it comes to quoting the book in really big-ass fonts. Intense feelings of guilt and fear crept into my stomach. What have I done. To myself.

jopaula.multiply.comYou can tell she’s a little giddy girl with an adorably innocent view of life. Must. Protect. Her. From. Truth. Aaugh. Too late. – Some strange force allowed this man to start his composition with Girl Trouble and segue it into Helping Hand Foundation. Uncanny. – Ahh, the first one to actually review GT. Made me feel gewd the day this came out. One of the few ones to call the cover “kinda pinky” too. Boggling, yet acceptable.  – And the first one to outright declare the stuff he doesn’t like about GT. Still, I thank him. Love the pose too. – The first one to review GT on Valentine’s day pa. Rock n’ roll shinji. This guy is as thorough as a brand new lawn mower. Can you smell the the freshly cut blades of anger grass fluttering in the wind?

babblingpoint.blogspot.comI had already heard Budjette’s name echoing in the halls of Phillipine advertising and after finding out that we were both in the same beachfront one day I just had to walk up to him and say thanks. Then I walked away and ate choriburger. Yet another view from the female perspective. A bit redundant that statement, but nevertheless. Her affinity to Rastafarianism makes me smile and say “Respect.”

bochanggg.multiply.comClaims to have “brought out the feminism n grecia.” And how can you go wrong with a name like bochangg. O-some! – This one I want to meet. In the most Catholically (if there be such a word) legal way possible of course. And like shinji, she digs the whole “can’t marry…” sequence. I can just imagine the hordes of sweaty little eyes viewing her page If she added horny to funnysexy. But she’s a lady so she probly won’t. – An interesting entry to a thread answering the question “What’s the last book you’ve bought, and for how much?” courtesy of Unit Zero1. See, even robots dig GT. – And let’s not forget, the one page with the one sentence that correctly indentified the genre that I that I wish I had thought of in the first place. I spent 10 minutes silently repeating what he wrote. Regrets, baby. Regrets. – Drew seems to have developed speed-reading upon getting a copy of GT. – I really, really wish someone bought him the book. Someone who won’t potentially break his heart and smash it to pieces with apologies, excuses and idealistic tendencies to be “liberated”. – Why thank you klaris, I shall definitely relay your toast to each and everyone of them. I do have their numbers locked up underneath my toilet should I need to unload some sort of random and furious emotional baggage brought about by the heat of summer. Now if it weren’t for them restraining orders… – Definitely one of the most mysterious ones, given that some of her blog entries are secured. She sprinkled quotes from GT all over her blog which makes me even more… curious about the goings-on in her life. What’s going on in that head of yours hmmm?

Well, that’s it muna. I’ll update the list again in a few days. Weeks maybe. See, I have this thing called work. Damn you work! Damn you! Ooh, money. I like work!

Again, thanks everyone! 

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