Givin’ credit where credit is. Dude. Part 2.

Posted on January 6, 2008





And now, for more acknowledging. Some a dem have been mentioned before so I won’t put them here already. Ok? Ok. Most of the people listed here have their mugs shown in the book. That’s why they’re being acknowledged. Can you guess which ones they are? No? It’s alright. Life goes on like it should. Unlike death. 

Jo Cabillo. 10 years and still here! Keep ’em guessing.

Abygail Jamnague-Rivera, Francis and Paula Tricia Bagnes, Roxanel Boltron. People who’ve made the stress, pagod and challenging work bearable and fun in a hostel-meets-winnie-the-pooh kind of way at Unitel. Or worse (kung si rox ang paguusapan).

Elvie Brian, Marj Tayle, Ads Mendoza, Mario Sagales, Bea Totanes. People who’ve made working at blackpencil more fun than not. Kaya mag-call and text na with… mehehe.

Dolfo Paclibar. My fortunate Soul Brother, may your journey prove to be more fruitful than you’ve ever imagined.

Junjun Perez, Khashayar Nakhai, Mark Geroso and Solomon Desamparado. For all the good times, and the bad. Awww… Fuckers. Wherethehellareallofya.

Jerann Ordinario. My true partner in crime. So you then ask: “What crimes would these be? We never hear from you sissies.” That’s because we never get caught, holmes. And by crimes we mean just hangin’ out and chillin’, discussing the future and the past. In dark places.

Julia Templo and Mabel Hernandez. Plus me equals Triple Trouble. Unless tutulugan ka ni Julia or papagalitan ka ni Mabel.

Alyssa Vera Cruz. “Alyssa, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be an artista, do you want to be my yaya?” 

Michael David. The man with the plan. I don’t know what it is, but he’s got one. If he didn’t let me hang around him for a few years, I think it wouldn’t have made a difference. Feh. But he did, so I feel better. He is regularly featured in every TV station’s New Year’s Spectacular Disaster Coverage at Jose Reyes Medical Center.

Saguijo Cafe. They don’t know me. I just go there. Pft.

Jerome Salanap and Eero Martinez. For helping me out with recklessfx, something that should have been a video, but ended up as something else. I’d like to post it here. But no. I also have to mention 

The Bobby Bertuldo Band. In my head, the most indie ilonggo band I’ve ever heard.

Ike Veneracion and Pablo Biglang-Awa. Two persons I have worked under while in Unitel. I was usually running around putting things in place and shaking stuff around, but when we had the chance to talk about other things it was really fun. Ike has the patience of winter, which helps with his work. After office hours though his laughter is a geyser of happiness. I bathe in it from time to time. Direk Pablo makes kids go nuts with his commercials and he was the one who introduced me to Kyle Cooper. Personally. No, really. Well Direk Pablo did give me photocopies of an article about him. It is great to know that the foundations of the industry I work in are full of people who have generous hearts.

Negros Summer Workshops. This would have to be Grade School, where the basics are taught and burned into your optical nerves for all eternity.

PAJ Computer Center. This is High School, where you get to play and bum around.

blackpencil manila. College, where you get to dance and sweat.

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