Lomotronic, Lo-mo-lomotronic.

Posted on December 7, 2007


gtgirls.jpg gtalananj.jpg gtinnna.jpg

Thanks to the wonders of Lomography plus the keen eyes and the terrific taste for expired film of Tina de Torres, with the help of Noelle, Eunice, Jeslie, Marjz, Angie and Jen these digital postcards are available for everyone to lambast and comment upon with fervor and impish glee. Just click on the things for a mid-resolution version. And download!

We’re sorry we could only come up with 3 layouts. It’s just that we’re too busy working that we only had time to find 1 airconditioned studio, a couple of lights, 6 boxes of pizza, 3 liters of soda, and 5 packs of spicy chicken to make sure the photos came through alright. Next time we’ll do better.

Oh. And GT is available in National Bookstores already. Rrr! Moralists come hither!

(You can only appreciate this post’s title if you sing it a-la J.J. Fad’s Supersonic.)  

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