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Posted on December 5, 2007


Do you like the internet? I do. Especially when the words “visual” and “odyssey” are put together in this excerpt from an article by Adrian Dy on the Inquirer website :

Book It
‘Pinoy Pride’

Obvious Pick: “Anything” by Jessica Zafra
My Pick: “Girl Trouble” by Alan Navarra

“Girl Trouble” is a visual odyssey in more ways than one. Discussing everyone’s favorite topic, love, Navarra’s words etch graffiti into your cerebrum, its method of delivery leap-frogging from travelogue, to dialogue, to mixtape playlists. What makes the book so darn memorable and utterly gift-worthy though, are the stunning black and white visuals, mostly artfully crafted sets of photos. On their own, the words and the pictures are strong, but together, they conjure up feelings of unrequited love in the best and the worst possible ways.

Doubtful? Look it up here:

Oh. Wait. It’s in the newspaper too.

I love newspapers. Especially when the words “visual” and “odyssey” are put together in an article by Adrian Dy on today’s Inquirer Lifestyle section.

I think the Adrian who wrote the article in the newspaper AND on the internet are, check this out: THE SAME PERSON. They’re both saying the book “conjures feelings of unrequited love.” The book is a magician. Its a sorcerer. A warlock. It’s a square and orange paper version of David Blaine. And it doesn’t just spray grafitti on your brain, ok? It etches onto it. Like, a sculptor would. A carver. A cannibal. A cannibal?

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