Givin’ credit where credit is. Dude. Part 1.

Posted on November 8, 2007


The book only has one page of acknowledgements. A list I came up with to give a nod to the people and things directly and indirectly involved with the creation of the monster known as Girl Trouble. Thats what acknowledgements are for. It’s for acknowledging.

I thought I’d get a little more in-depth on who these people are and how they’d contributed to the book.

Alex, Angie and Janine. My family. Very important to declare their importance, aye? Without my parents Alex and Angie, none of this would be possible. Really. My father is a kick-ass architect and my mother a great cook. And both have always performed their parental duties without buckling. Perfect scores all around. My sister Janine is just nuts. She has knives in her cabinet and sleeps in MY room. She can also do a mean lip synch to an Aegis song. I’ve been living far from them for 6 years now. Constant communication and love in the time of mobile texting has helped keep me sane and on an even keel while writing the book and through everything else.

Nadia Camit-Upton and Owie Lazatin. Nadia was an Associate Creative Director at blackpencil Manila. She left for London earlier this year to live with her man Graham. Nadia would have to be the Keymistress to the Door to Writing A Book. It was with Owie, my current Senior Art Director, during one night that I had explained an idea I had for a book. Nadia had already published a poetry book called “Fragments of the Moon” (Musings Publishing, 2004) and was very adamant that I start writing my draft.

Owie was there to push me to explore the project at hand. She taught me discipline and responsibilty in our work among other things. Stuff which I still am learning now.

Without them, Girl Trouble would have just been an idea until God knows when.

Dafort Villaseran. Dafort is a super copywriter at blackpencil. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, manage work and family with limber grace and savvy diction. He is an inspiration to all working men to the world. He was among the first to read GT in its infancy and boy did he tear it apart like a Katipunero and his cedula. Kidding. He actually went through the manuscript and smoothed out some of the edges. Trained rigorously with the weapons of journalism he slashed and burned GT in its toddler stage, just like the forces of nature and the wolf when Leonidas was sent out of Sparta in the the movie 300. Leonidas came back a King, Girl Trouble emerged from his hands a brand new hardcore sex ninja lovebunny.

Nida Ramirez. If Nadia is the Keymistress, she’d have to be Bob Hoskins’ character in Unleashed if Girl Trouble was Jet Li. The Gatekeeper to the Readers of The World. She sits in her cubicle in the mala-Schindler’s List warehouse of Visual Print Enterprises in Pasay, going through tons and tons of manuscripts each day. Nadia introduced me to her almost a year ago as I presented the first draft of GT, still named Razorblade Heart (very glam 80’s eh) then together with a few pages of art. Dafort was there to pimp the manuscript too.

I am happy to have met Nida as my first publisher. It was a cinch to work with her in terms of her input. It wasn’t even a matter of working hand-in-hand. It was as if she owned a zoo and just declared how big the cage was upon the animal that is Girl Trouble could roam around freely. And boy did GT roam like a fucking mammoth on acid.

Tina de Torres. Tina is an art director at blackpencil. Popular in the office for her sweet, girly, curvy art style, she is one of the first to actually see the artworks of GT come to fruition. A constant companion during long OT nights at the office, chugging away in our workstations, her input was very important whenever she gave them: whether it was regarding GT or everything else.

Charles Nequinto. Papa Charles, as he is known in the bowels of blackpencil history is a Macgod, as Owie would call him. Well, he was the only boss I had who would show me porn so that puts him on top agad. Feh. But seriously, he is like my tatay tatayan in the office. If you knew this guy’s story as an Adman and father and loverboy you’d just go “Fuck yeah, I’ll shave me nuts.”

He made that nutty print ad for Jollibee’s fries in a large bag, with the special product feature that you could pour flavored powder into it and shake it to bits. He also promotes network gaming, speedworking, free-flowing of ideas, middle eastern food and did I say porn? But seriously, apart from his 10 dvd pornographic legacy that left my right arm brittle and lifeless (it was heavy, that paper bag) and a plastic tub of… herbs, he made me understand the inner workings of the advertising industry in less time than it would take for me to learn in school. Because I’d always be absent.

Jay Abello. No one would have expected that he and I would end up sharing art together. I mean, I did mess up as a Production Designer way, way back in one of Jay’s plays. It was crazy. A man I completely respect in more ways than one, he was and still is a steadfast sparring partner when it came to churning out ideas, opinions and basically anything under the sun. A cinematographer and assistant director in advertising, film and TV, he directed the 3 part epic German saga about love lost, Japanese warriors and Martian storm troopers: Ligaw Liham. Kidding.

Nikka Valencia. Nikka is the most patient and loving person I know in the world. A constant inspiration, her pure soul and boundless patience are the prime forces that drove GT over the hill to fly into the atmosphere. The song She Is Love by Oasis (the biggest band in the world, Hah!) explains this.

Peque Gallaga. PQ is The Godfather. I am so fortunate to have met, studied under and worked with the man. If muy mind was A Can, he would be its Can Opener. Taking Director’s Apprenticeship under him was a nuclear blast, and that started all of this.

Through The Negros Summer Workshops, Handurawan Community Theater, a host of other workshops, feature films, plays and basically anything involving the arts, he is a crucial element and a driving force in the bottomless pool of creative energy that is the island of Negros Occidental, ok? Good.

Most of us, like Jay, had trained under him to create films. In a weird twist of fate, here I am with a book. Remember that parable thing with the father donkey who left his 3 donkey sons bags of gold? Then he returns and finds each of them has done something with it, like build a harem or train lizards to dance? Except lazy donkey who just dug a hole and buried the gold there? Something like that. Hard to explain at this point….

I know. Sometimes in our lives, someone drops in and leaves a lasting impression in our minds and hearts, something priceless and beyond cost that you just have to give something back. GT is a testament to the priceless knowledge and experience that PQ brought into my life. Righteously so, he owns the foreword.

I mean, it’s his fault I’m doing all of this. I’m going nuts!

God. Do you know Him? He owns your ass.

End of Part 1.

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