For Everything, A Beginning.

Posted on November 3, 2007


Earlier this year, i was trying to figure out what the cover of GT would be. Here were some of the studies I made initially.

PINK. Culling from opinions raised by some friends of mine, I thought i’d put loud pink as the main color of the book. I think Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette and a lot of New Wave/ Emo Culture related art were also inspirations.

SKIN. This one was an inital compre for a tattoo idea I had thought of. Very cliche symbol I know, but I was going to actually pay someone to have this tattooed on her butt cheek. The cover would then come out in a way that the right butt cheek where the tattoo was would be the cover, Her butt crack would be the spine of the book, and her left butt cheek would be the back cover. I never heard from the girl again.

CIRCLE. A simple hypnotic look worked for the minimalists, I was probably thinking of Tim Burton’s stuff during this time. Eventually I had to scrap this because it hurt people’s eyes. Poor people’s eyes.

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