Looks Familiar? Yes. They are words. Many of these running around since the alphabet was invented.

Posted on November 2, 2007


Lookie. The first 3 pages of Girl Trouble. With interesting notes from the author. That is, if they interest you at all. Not interested? Buy a house. Can’t read the small copy on the photos? Eat more squash. Or click on the pics to maximize.

Girl Trouble Chapter 1 page 4.jpg

Girl Trouble/ Chapter 1/ Page 4. Ahh, the first page. That actually is the view from my old apartment back in Ermita before we were evicted after cops discovered dead bodies buried under the flooring. In mythology Charon is the nutty fella dressed like Death on a little boat, taking souls from the real world down to Hades and back out again. I felt this was extremely hilarious that a businessman would name his taxi line Charon Taxi. For the record, there is an actual Charon Taxi in Bacolod City. That’s how we roll back home.

Girl Trouble Chapter 1 Page 5

Girl Trouble/ Chapter 1/ Page 5. Page 5 brings some interesting memories. Dafort (who helped edit Girl Trouble) and I discussed the presence of several misspelled words. Like “happenin” or “toweletries.” I told him it was part of the character’s personality to throw these kinds of words around. I wanted to create a world in Robin’s head that would enforce a realty that would make these instances normal so I didn’t put these words in-between quotation marks. Then Dafort got his shotgun and left.

Girl Trouble Chapter 1 Page 6

Girl Trouble/ Chapter 1/ Page 6. Although I am against the desecration of virgins, or the sexually challenged( feh, I would say) for non- church approved activities, the label Scourge of Virgins really floats my boat. The 7 things discussed by Robin and Tetet here originally amounted to about 20. I guess they just really didn’t need to talk about a lot of things to get to the point. I figured it would have to be Robin to say the “Lipat tayo…” line by then.

Want the rest of the pages? Buy. You will?  Yay.

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