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Posted on October 31, 2007


Yet, nothing has been put up. Maybe by next week. We’ll have updates and stuff on Girl Trouble. Right team? Oh. There’s no team. Fuckers. In the meantime, scoot on over to or find the Girl Trouble Gang Bang group on Questions? Long-winded statements?

Few more seconds to spare? View the trailers, gademit. Figure out who the V.O. is(it’s voice over, nutface) sa first trailer and who he’s talking to and you get a free book. That’s right, a free book. IF. You guess WHO the V.O is and WHO HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING TO. Hint: You’ll never guess it.

Huo gali. Gotta pimp da book. Girl Trouble is available in all Powerbooks and Fully Booked branches in Metro Manila. You can call or visit National Bookstore and bug them to death so they’ll get their orders straightened up too. P250. Ninja Pimp Video Smash!

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